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“As if flung out into the foaming waves of the Cattegat lies Kullaberg, that celebrated, much sung peninsular – the Pearl of the North –  to which thousands of tourists from Sweden and abroad flock each summer to seek repose and recreation in a living natural landscape. Few places in the North can match Kullen for the beauty of its natural landscape. /.../ With its breezy forests of beech and fir, its romantic grottoes, its vertiginous cliffs that plunge straight into the sea, its cliff-top views out over mile upon mile of bright blue water, Kullen has each year attracted a steadily increasing stream of visitors from far and near.” (Visit Kullaberg 1915:3-4)

Kullaberg offers visitors a fantastic natural experience. Indeed, the Guide Michelin has awarded Kullaberg a prestigious three-star rating in its guide to Swedish sights.
Right out on the tip of Kullaberg stands Kullen Lighthouse, Scandinavia’s strongest light. The dramatic local landscape and distinctive flora and fauna make this an attractive area for botanical walks, bird-watching, diving and rock climbing. The entire area is open to hikers and walkers and there are several marked trails to choose between. During the peak season, the Kullaberg Nature Guides organise daily tours and, for private parties, will arrange tours to order all the year round.


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